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” For me, piano instruction is an act of love and “joyous giving”. I wish to express my happiness about being part of my students very personal development. I say this because perceiving and guiding them as the unique individuals that they are is what true pedagogy is all about

To develop innate talent, achieve mental and physical discipline and thus, realize the student’s full musical potential is my goal as a Professor of piano.
I am profoundly grateful for my students, for sharing this noble path to (artistic) perfection at this precious moment in my life. ” Ms. Rosa Antonelli.

Ms. Antonelli has set the new standards for Piano Instruction. Now you have the opportunity to learn from a master.

Levels of instruction:
Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional Artistic, Master Classes.

Focus of all courses:
Technique, Interpretation, Style.

Prices per hour class: Depending on instruction level.

For reservations kindly fill out the following form. Ms. Antonelli will contact you shortly.
Also, you may contact Ms. Antonelli at the following number: Tel / Fax:(212) 459-9424.

International Students: Please specify your information at the comments or questions box.
Please specify the kind of course you’d be interested in taking.