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New York Concert Review. CD Abrazando Latin Embrace

Excerpts from the review  by Frank Daykin at NEW YORK CONCERT REVIEW  (to read the complete review, click here)

 …” Dare I use the dangerous word “definitive” to describe Ms. Antonelli’s innate understanding of this style and these composers? I fear I must, and I’m confident that she will continue to unearth and program the best of this unique culture and its music.”

… ” A beguiling CD just landed on my review desk, the sort of music that makes one long for a warm summer day and a cold drink to enhance the enjoyment. Rosa Antonelli, long a specialist in and advocate for lesser-known Spanish and Latin-American repertoire, has here assembled a dessert cart full of delicious and tempting treats.”

…” she has either selected the non-obvious pieces, or made her own transcriptions of non-piano originals, a skill to be commended, as it was once assumed that all virtuosi had such gifts at their command.” …”She plays two of Piazzolla’s “Four Seasons” of Buenos Aires, Spring and Summer, with great poetry and longing, amid the angular musical gestures of the tango underlying all: the seduction, rejection, re-approach, and eventual union of two imaginary dancers in the brothel district.” …”Villa-Lobos is represented by his Bachianas Brasilerias No. 4, its Prelude movement showing the “Brazilian Bach” at his most neo-baroque, with perfectly descending sequences that satisfy the ear to no end.”

… “The music of Ernesto Lecuona used to be in the piano bench of every amateur pianist, mainly for his Malagueña or the other number from that suite, which had words added, The Breeze and I. Ms. Antonelli instead gives us two little gems: The Bell-flower and Vals maravilloso (Marvelous Waltz), both salon trifles that gain by being handled so poetically. The fading and slowing bell sounds in the first piece were absolutely ravishingly portrayed.”

by Frank Daykin  for New York Concert Review