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FANFARE MAGAZINE Web “Not to be missed”.

Excerpts from the review by Colin Clarke at FANFARE MAGAZINE “Not to be missed”. Complete Review


” Antonelli is clearly preternaturally attuned to the music of these territories, finding the smoldering heart of “Verano Porteño” with ease.”
” …music to altogether different pastures, more stern, more rarified. Here, Antonelli is superb, finding an organ-like sonority from her piano.”
” The famous Libertango is notable for its heady, swirling turbulence. Antonelli plays it beautifully—almost intoxicatingly, in fact.”
“… thanks to Antonelli’s ability to caress a phrase and to utilize just the right amount of rubato.”
” Antonelli’s pearly melodic attack within legato is particularly attractive here and is well caught by the recording.”
” Antonelli plays them as if raising an eyebrow at the same time.”
” The concluding movement is based upon a folk dance, the ‘Chacarera.’
” Antonelli plays with great flair (she clearly knows the music well, as she gave the New York premiere of this piece in Carnegie Hall in October 2014). It is the perfect way to end a most rewarding recital.”

By Colin Clark