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Rosa Antonelli was introducing her New CD ” ABRAZANDO : LATIN EMBRACE ” to the GALA HONORING COMMENDATORE ALDO MANCUSI ” On Sunday, September 27th, at the New York Athletic Club located on Central Park South, a gala celebration was held honoring Commendatore Aldo Mancusi and the life and legacy of Mme. Licia Albanese…” “……

BBC Music Magazine

Excerpts from the review  BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE (to read the complete review, click here)   “…the Mexican composer Manuel Ponce … whose romanticism is gracefully persuasive, and threaded through the disc is a fine collection of tangos by the great Astor Piazzolla …” Invierno Porteno and Verano Porteno are sinuous delights …” “…threaded through the disc is…

New York Concert Review. CD Abrazando Latin Embrace

Excerpts from the review  by Frank Daykin at NEW YORK CONCERT REVIEW  (to read the complete review, click here)  …” Dare I use the dangerous word “definitive” to describe Ms. Antonelli’s innate understanding of this style and these composers? I fear I must, and I’m confident that she will continue to unearth and program the…

Fanfare Magazine. CD Abrazando Latin Embrace

Excerpts from the review by Huntley Dent at FANFARE MAGAZINE . Complete Review ” I was captivated by Antonelli’s ability to create and sustain every mood in the program from Baroque dignity to the rustic exuberance of the Tres Danzas Argentinas by Luis Gianneo…” ” …the warmth of this album’s title is matched by piano…